Our Interviewees

Juan-Manuel Alonso, Palm Springs, CA – Cuban-American fashion designer, painter, and long-term HIV survivor
Crisosto Apache, Denver, CO – native American / two spirit poet and cultural educator
Marcus Arana, San Francisco, CA – native American transgender peace activist
Cliff Arnesen, Boston, MA – veterans rights activist, first bisexual man to testify before Congress
Don Bachardy, Santa Monica, CA – renowned painter and longtime lover of seminal gay author Christopher Isherwood
Al Baum, San Francisco, CA – lawyer, environmental activist, psychotherapist, philanthropist; Grand Marshall, 2013 SF LGBT Pride Parade
Terry Baum, San Francisco, CA – feminist author and playwright; founder, Lilith Theater; candidate for US Congress and SF mayor
Blackberri, Oakland, CA – singer/songwriter, Yoruba priest, AIDS education activist; appeared/performed in four Marlon Riggs’ films including Tongues Untied
Kylar Broadus, Washington DC – transgender activist, first trans man to testify on employment discrimination before Congress
Patrick Bova, Chicago, IL – retired social research scientist
Col. Grethe Cammermeyer,  Whidbey Island, WA – Vietnam veteran, Bronze Star recipient, first Colonel to successfully challenge DADT
Rodney Church, Los Angeles, CA – department store salesman, longtime participant in LA gay black community
James Credle, Newark, NJ – former Vietnam medic, retired asst dean of students, Rutgers University, minority HIV/AIDS educator and activist
Marianne Diaz, Los Angeles, CA – former incarcerated gang member, community activist; founder, Clean Slate
Diane Divelbess, Whidbey Island, WA – artist, and professor emeritus of art at CaliforniaPolytechnic University, Pomona
Jim Darby, Chicago, IL – former Navy technician, school teacher, and gay veterans activist
Doc Duhon, Palm Springs, CA – former energy executive, polyamory educator, and long-term HIV survivor
Jan Edwards, Sonoma, CA – longtime educator, local activist
Jewelle Gomez, San Francisco, CA – author, Lambda Award-winning novel The Gilda Stories; founding board member, GLAAD; former president, SF Library Commission
Jamison Green, Union City, CA – author, Becoming a Visible Man; trans* educator and activist; former president, World Professional Association for Transgender Health
Shirley Greenes, Lake Forest, CA – mother of Rob Eichberg, late author of the seminal 1990 book Coming Out: An Act of Love
Susan Griffin, Berkeley, CA – pioneering radical feminist author and environmental activist; Pulitzer finalist, MacArthur and NEA grantee, Emmy winner
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Oakland, CA – community leader, transgender women of color activist
Gary ‘Buz’ Hermes,  Sonoma, CA – former AIDS activist; creator, Aging Gayfully workshops for LGBTQ elders
Loraine Hutchins, Washington, DC – bisexual activist; co-editor, Bi Any Other Name: Bisexual People Speak Out
John James, Philadelphia, PA – early gay activist, HIV/AIDS educator
Karla Jay, New York, NY – retired professor; early member, Gay Liberation Front /Lavender Menace
ABilly S. Jones-Hennin, Washington DC – community organizer, AIDS activist, bisexual pioneer
Eric Julber, Carmel, CA – retired lawyer; successfully defended ONE magazine on obscenity charges before the US Supreme Court in 1958
Lani Ka’ahumanu, Cazadero, CA – bisexual/feminist activist and author; co-founder, SF State Women’s Studies Department
Bobbi Keppel, Portland, ME – retired social worker, bisexual pioneer, community activist
Chris Kluwe, Seal Beach, CA – former NFL punter, and outspoken LGBTQ rights advocate
Arlene Krantz, Los Angeles, CA – entrepreneur and business strategist; longtime bisexual rights activist.
Carol Lease, Denver, CO – social worker, women’s empowerment activist
June Lagmay, Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles city clerk under four consecutive mayors; early member, API (Asian Pacific Islander) Equality LA
Ed La Haye, Los Angeles, CA – retired floral designer, cancer survivor, originally from rural South Carolina
Gene La Pietra, Los Angeles, CA – founder and former owner, Arena and Circus (legendary LA gay clubs catering primarily to Latinos and other minority groups)
Dick Leitsch, New York, NY – former president, NY Mattachine Society; organizer, Julius Bar ‘sip-ins’ (1966)
Lee Marquardt, Los Angeles – former Michigan housewife, truck driver, mother of three, late-blooming lesbian activist
John McDonald, Palm Springs, CA – gay philanthropy pioneer; co-endowed first chair in the US focused on sexual orientation and gender identity law
Shannon Minter, Washington DC – trans man; legal director, National Center for Lesbian Rights
Mary Morten, Chicago, IL – filmmaker, fundraiser, and first African-American president of Chicago NOW
Tom Mosmiller, Oakland, CA – longtime bisexual and pro-feminist men’s activist; AIDS activist and educator
Julie Nemecek, Spring Arbor, MI – transgender former Baptist minister and college professor
Joanne Nemecek, Springs Arbor, MI – quilter, chef, grandmother; Julie Nemecek’s wife both prior to and since Julie’s transition
Robyn Ochs, Boston, MA – bisexual educator, activist, and author. Editor, Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals around the World
Betsy Parsons, Portand, ME – retired school teacher, GSA (gay straight alliance) organizer and activist
Rev. Troy Perry, Los Angeles, CA – longtime LGBTQ activist and founder, Metropolitan Community Church
Mira Patel, Washington DC – former State Department staffer under Hillary Clinton; international LGBTQ rights pioneer
Valda Prout, Washington DC – transgender woman, sex workers advocate
Matt Russell, Lacona, IA – former seminarian; farmer and sustainable agriculture activist
Donna Sachet, San Francisco, CA – drag performer, community activist, fundraiser and author
Mark Segal, Philadelphia, PA – co-founder, Gay Liberation Front; publisher, Philadelphia Gay News, oldest weekly gay publication in US
Jay Simonson, Boston, MA – transgender man, environmental educator
Martha Stephens, New York, NY – retired psychiatrist, furniture maker
Charles Stinson, San Francisco, CA – retired psychiatrist, artist, sculptor
Jim Toy,  Ann Arbor, MI – Chinese-American former student activist, founder of Detroit Gay Liberation Movement
Kitty Tsui, Long Beach, CA – award-winning Chinese-American poet, Gay Games gold medalist
Bruce Vilanch, Los Angeles, CA – comedy writer, songwriter, actor; six-time Emmy Award winner
Corky Wick, San Francisco, CA – mother, grandmother; founder, Mothertongue Feminist Theater Collective
Chuck Williams, Malibu, CA – former computer executive; founder, The Williams Institute (sexual identity/gender orientation law & public policy) at UCLA Law School
Elizabeth Williams, Philadelphia, PA – trans woman; actor, John Waters’ Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble
Charlotte Wilson, Boston, MA – military veteran, information technology entrepreneur; member, Moving Violations motorcycle club
Rob Wright, Palm Springs, CA – Los Angeles LGBT Center benefactor; co-endowed first chair in the US focused on sexual orientation and gender identity law
Mia Yamamoto, Los Angeles, CA – survivor of WWII Japanese concentration camps, longtime Los Angeles lawyer, trans woman
Richard Zaldivar, Los Angeles, CA – founder, The Wall / Las Memorias Latino HIV/AIDS project