Karla Jay

Growing up Jewish in a heavily Catholic Brooklyn neighborhood, Karla Jay learned early on to fend for herself. Karla became the first female chair of the Gay Liberation Front, which helped turn the spark of Stonewall into an enduring fire for LGBTQ rights.

Marianne Diaz

Marianne Diaz grew up in Los Angeles, ran with gangs, and eventually went to prison. Today, she runs Clean Slate, which helps former gang members, victims of violence, and others to live hopeful, healthy lives.

James Cradle

James Credle grew up in the tiny town of Mesic, North Carolina. He became an Army medic in Vietnam, and later came home to battle the twin evils of racism and HIV/AIDS in Newark, NJ, where he served as assistant dean of student affairs at Rutgers University.

Elizabeth Williams

After first coming to prominence as an actor in John Waters' films Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble, Elizabeth Coffey Williams migrated west to Illinois, where she raised a son and created a line of original quilts. She now lives in Philadelphia, where she co-facilitates a group for young trans women of color.

Mark Arana

Marcus Arana was born in Alaska. His parents were Blackfeet, Ohlone, and a bunch of other ethnicities. (His native American name is Holy Old Man Bull. His friends call him Tio.) Marcus has worked tirelessly around San Francisco for various human rights groups.